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I am an experienced psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, and mediator in private practice in Greenwich Village for 25+ years. Behavioral change, improved self-esteem, and insight are not easy to achieve, but I am confident that I can help you reach those goals. Patients usually feel better after leaving a session with me, and over time there is lasting improvement.

A growing child needs empathic and attuned parenting in order to feel safe and to develop optimally.

Continuous or repeated disruptions to that nurturing atmosphere can be traumatic. Psychoanalytic therapy can provide an empathic, safe, personal relationship in which the troubled or withdrawn self has an opportunity to recover from the trauma and to resume healthy growth and development. This results in increased self-esteem and in an improved capacity to enjoy relationships with other people.

New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst

Prior Affiliations

  • Clinical Supervisor of graduate students, New York University

  • Substance abuse counselor, Gracie Square Hospital

  • Psychotherapist, The SATTI Group

  • Employment Counselor, New York State Employment Service

Specialty Areas

  • Individual therapy

  • Couple therapy

  • Relationship issues

  • Self-esteem

  • Sexual addiction

  • Sexual dysfunctions

  • Survivors of sexual abuse

  • Life transitions

  • Vocational development

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